Welcome to the beta (draft) version of the New Jersey Bay Islands Explorer – a decision-support tool for managing NJ’s bay islands from Metedeconk River south to Beach Haven / Little Egg Inlet.

This tool allows the user to select (filter) islands based on restoration need (ISLAND CONDITION) and to plan an ecological restoration project (PROJECT PLANNING). Show more
  1. To start, all islands are selected (all data/attribute ranges are “on”).
  2. LEFT MENU: Use the menu on the left to narrow the islands selected by turning on or off the data (island attributes) of your choosing.
  3. CENTER TOP MENU: Click to view supporting layers - waterways, subaqueous soils, marsh vegetation classification, and bathymetry. The opacity of each can be changed there too.
  4. RIGHT TOP MENU: Select the underlying imagery (base layer).
  5. Click on any island to reveal its list of data (attributes) and a 1-mile and 3-mile buffer/circumference from its shoreline.
This tool was created by Barnegat Bay Partnership, Stockton University Coastal Research Center, The Nature Conservancy, and USFWS-E.B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, which are members of the NJ Bay Islands Initiative.

Download Island Data: Shapefile   Excel

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